Washington Businesses Won’t Discriminate

Fill out the form below to join the growing coalition of businesses that oppose I-1515 in Washington:

As employers of thousands of Washingtonians in every region of the state, we believe that repealing 10-year old nondiscrimination protections is not only wrong but also bad for business. But this initiative goes even further. It imposes discriminatory restroom restrictions in schools, and take away the ability of cities and counties to create their own laws that welcome all Washingtonians. Successful businesses across the nation, including 75 percent of Fortune 500 companies, have nondiscrimination policies that explicitly cover gender identity. To turn back these protections now goes against our values of treating everyone fairly and equally.

Washingtonians agree that our economy does best when every American can participate both as patrons and as employees. As a hub for innovation in agriculture, aerospace, technology, and manufacturing, Washington businesses know that recruiting top talent is difficult. To remain a competitor in these industries, including in attracting a highly skilled workforce, we must stand firmly against efforts that would make anyone feel unwelcome in the Evergreen State. An inclusive Washington ensures a more economically vibrant Washington.

I/we sign on to support the principles of Washington Businesses Won’t Discriminate, the business coalition working to preserve inclusive public accommodations protections for all Washingtonians. Together, I/we can send a powerful message that discrimination has no place in our state.